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High Risk Low Rate! Why?

By now you’ll have probably heard something about Mortgage Default Insurance. This is the Government sponsored insurance that makes it less risky for Banks to give mortgages. This insurance must be purchased by the lender for mortgages where the client has a small down payment (less than 20% of the property value), commonly known as High Ratio mortgages. It can also be purchased for Conventional Mortgages where the Borrower holds greater than 20% in equity in the property.

Six tips for those thinking about buying an investment property

1. Cash flow

It’s nice to be optimistic, but if your cash flow estimates for a property are based on the lowest possible costs and the highest possible income, you’ll likely to end up in the red.

“It’s pretty dangerous because if you’re depending on your projected returns, not your actual returns, and those don’t come through for the first year, you could find yourself in a tight position.

Should you Buy First or Sell First?

When considering a move to a new home, the typical dilemma for many homeowners is whether to buy or sell first. There is no "right" answer, but there are some benefits to both sides, depending on your circumstances.

Buy First if...

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